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As a completely private group, in 2017 by a group of professional, experienced and expert engineers and managers, it started its activity as an executive contractor company in the field of oil and gas, petrochemical and power plant. In the early years of the establishment of the company, he was able to work in national and large projects as a contractor for the engineering and implementation of telecommunication, SCADA and dispatching systems.

In order to become an international company, Bersam has expanded its connections abroad and this cooperation has led to new activities with European companies in various projects inside and outside the country.

During the years of its activity, Barsam has completed several projects for employers such as "National Iranian Oil Company", "Oil Engineering and Development Company", "Iran Oil Pipelines and Telecommunications Company", "Tavanir Company and Regional Electric Companies", " Water and Wastewater", "Iran Gas Engineering and Development Company" and many other collections.

During more than a decade since the establishment of Barsam, this company has been able to carry out more than 80 projects in various sectors, including oil and gas, petrochemical , to successfully complete and deliver a power plant and electrical and industrial network in the form of design, supply and implementation in the field of dispatching and telemetry centers, optical fiber telecommunications. In order to improve the engineering power of the country and solve the problems of receiving software support from foreign companies in its projects, Barsam has started engineering and programming automation and SCADA software in accordance with international standards under the brand name TELESCADA, which with successful installation In a number of important and key positions, the transfer of personnel and obtaining the consent of the employers is currently being used.

In order to promote engineering culture and ethics and business development, Bersam has negotiated with engineering companies to create common solutions that can be presented to employers and introduced to international markets. This attitude has led to successful projects with a win-win approach. Bard has won in the country and is also ready and interested in developing this attitude and cooperation with other committed and ethical companies in the country.

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SCADA and automation

is a category of software applications for controlling industrial processes

Telecommunication and Data Transmission Solutions

Is the digital transfer of data between two points, in other words data is sent from sender to a receiver

Industrial Data Center

An IDC is a pre-configured solu on consis ng of servers, storage, switches, cable management, and a cabinet that runs your plant's produc on software in a virtualized environmen

Protective Relays and Electrical Protection

In electrical engineering, a protective relay is a relay device designed to trip a circuit breaker when a fault is detected

Participation In The Project Overseas

the management of projects internationally or across borders and cultures

Supplying and Equipping The Oil and Power Project

The process to develop oil, natural gas, oil sands, or coal resources is complex. Every energy development project—no matter what resource is involved—has a life cycle consisting of four stages: initiate, construct, operate, and close

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